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Italy Travel Updates
Italy Travel Updates

This is the place for staying up-to-date on current travel conditions and restrictions within Italy.

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  • national transport strikes
  • health restrictions
  • weather alerts
  • closures
  • current in-country conditions that could affect your travel


Local public transport strike in Rome on Friday, December 3 will affect ATAC public buses, trams and subway from 8:30 am to noon.

Travel to Italy: What You Need to Know Now

Last updated November 30, 2021 - adapted from our website Italy Green Pass

Planning travel to Italy right now can feel overwhelming because although tourism is permitted from specific countries, there are several requirements that travelers must observe.

Here at... (More)

We've created a website all about current Italy travel restrictions and requirements, Italy Green Pass, where we've gathered information from official sources and sorted it all out, so you can cut through the confusion. Check it out!

24-Hour Nationwide General Strike - October 11, 2021

🚨 🚆 Involves air travel, train travel, and public transport 🚆🚨

A 24-hour nationwide general strike is scheduled to start at 10 pm Italy local time on Sunday, October 10, through 10 pm Monday, October 11.

Train travel:

Trenitalia guarantees... (More)