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Spring Travel
Spring Travel

For everyone traveling to Italy in March, April and May.


Visit anywhere in Umbria. Our favorite borgo is Panicale. Go to Albergo Masolino and ask for Stefania or Andrea. You will enjoy the BEST meal of your life there. Città della Pieve is another town in the province of Perugia... (More)

Hello Tim and welcome to our community!

The Italian railway generally releases schedules six months in advance in a grouping that spans six months of travel. So, for example, we expect timetables for travel dates next spring and summer to... (More)

Just saw this ... if you've not yet gone, here are some thoughts ...

Florence - can find plenty of wine tasting and Tuscany excursions. Different durations and levels available. Perhaps they are touristy but can be quite fun if... (More)