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Hello Bhavin,

Thanks for your great question. We do work with travel agents and there are varying levels of discount or commission, depending on certain parameters. In short, the more you book (we offer not only rail but also tours... (More)

It’s a short period of time and very dependent on the efficiency of staff and the number of people on your flight. I’d accept the later train is a better choice and use the time to relax. The train from... (More)

Visit anywhere in Umbria. Our favorite borgo is Panicale. Go to Albergo Masolino and ask for Stefania or Andrea. You will enjoy the BEST meal of your life there. Città della Pieve is another town in the province of Perugia... (More)

I cant answer all of your airport questions, but from FCO to Rome we have done 3 ways of getting downtown Rome.

Rented a car - not the easiest as you have to watch for ZTL's

Took the Leonardo Express... (More)