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Super Green Pass
Super Green Pass
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This group is for asking questions about super green pass restrictions in Italy currently in place until the end of the state of emergency on March 31, 2022. The group was created to contain all the green pass questions on the community in one place, and also to limit them flooding the main feed. 

This group is public, but its posts will only be shown in the feeds of the group members.

Hi Wei,

I cannot be certain but if the app says 'cerificazione valida in Italia e Europa' with the green tick it does translate as valid.

I was in Italy last November and never once was asked to show a... (More)

Hi Wei En,

My case (3 doses of vaccine) may not apply to you. My COVID-19 digital certificate recognized by EU had been verified while I checked in at a airline counter in Taiwan. My final Italy destination is Torino... (More)

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