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Buon viaggio!

Here's what we expect:

  1. Contribute honest and helpful information regarding travel to/in Italy.

  2. Keep in mind this is a public community and is a family-friendly, safe-for-work environment.

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  4. Be encouraging of other community members and respect differences of opinion.

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  6. Use the 50/50 rule: if you ask a question, try to also answer a question for someone else.

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  10. Refrain from intentionally upsetting people or instigating conflict (trolling), being aggressive or disrespectful, losing your temper.

  11. With particular reference to anything having to do with the Covid pandemic or Italy travel restrictions: no health advice or personal opinions about other people's choices or situation.

What happens if a member violates these guidelines?

Our team will evaluate questionable content and reserves the right to remove any content it deems in violation of these guidelines. Members who repeatedly violate community guidelines may be suspended or banned from the platform.

What if I see content that violates these guidelines?

We want to reward contributions to our community and make it a welcoming place for everyone, so we encourage our members to flag content that violates our guidelines. 

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