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Asked a question last year

Hallo, could someone please help clarify the validity of a completed vaccine cycle certificate to enter Italy? I know that once in Italy we need to follow the 6 month super green pass validity to access shops, transport etc but what do travellers on the D list need just to enter Italy e.g travellers from USA, Canada, Australia or UK? On viaggiare sicuri questionnaire I can't see anything mentioned about when vaccine cert needs to have been issued but on UK Government website it is saying within past 180 days in order to travel to Italy Thanks for any help in clarifying this :-)

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Ciao Giulia and welcome to our community! You're right, the Italian foreign ministry information is vague when it comes to talking about vaccination certificate validity. It doesn't specify the timeframe. 

This is how I interpret it, however: since the foreign ministry refers to the "certificato verde" or green pass, and the regulations for validity of the green pass are in the health ministry's jurisdiction, I refer to the health ministry's regulations about the green pass. So that's six months (which could be just slightly more than 180 days depending on which months they are).