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Asked a question 25 days ago

Hello, I am planning to travel June 29 from Venice to Varenna. This will be my first trip to Italy and am very unfamiliar with the transportation options. Can this be easily done by train and how/where would I purchase tickets. Is there a direct option, if not where should I change trains. Thank you.

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Take a train from the Venice station - Venezia S. Lucia to Milano Centrale. Then switch trains in Milan to a train to Varenna Ensino. There are trains departing every two hours or so beginning in Venice at 6:48am. ย The total trip will take about 3hrs. and 45 min. Tickets can be purchased in advance online. Google Trenitalia Frecce - about $25 to$60. The Trenitalia EuroCity has two trains daily and can get you to your destination in about 2 hrs and 45min. US$65 - $150 depending on the class of seating you prefer. Fares I quoted came from the train company websites and are one way. Lake Como is wonderful. Enjoy your visit.