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Asked a question 2 months ago

Hello, I'm flying into Rome FCO on the morning of Sunday, Nov 20, and will be taking the train to Florence SMN. It will be my husband, myself, and our 3 kiddos (aged 8, 4, and 1). Our flight is scheduled to land at 9:10am (but regularly lands around 8:20am). I am trying to determine what time train is realistic. I saw that the train to Termini has flexibility up to 90 minutes, but what about from Termini to Florence? I am concerned about timing if the plane is late or takes a long time, etc. We are only carrying on our luggage, not checking anything. I read in a different post here that a base rate allows changes at the ticket counter, but I don't see a base rate when I look - I see Bimbi Gratis, Flexy, Flexier, and Flexiest. Would I need the flexiest? It's 50% more expensive but seems to be the only one that allows station changes if needed? Also, if we booked one that we were late for (assuming the plane was late), we could move to a later one I imagine with the flexiest? Is it also possible to move to an earlier one if we were early? Or are we better off booking the earlier one and moving to the later one if needed? And last question, do we need to note our 1yo in the booking? Or just know that he rides for free on our laps? Thanks, Jessica

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welcome to the italiapass community. To hopefully help in answering your questions, first the tickets from FCO (Fumancio) to Rome Termini do not have a time restriction and can be used any time during the travel day they are booked for. You can always book tickets to Florence at Rome Termini when you arrive there so you are not worrying about missing your train. If you do purchase in advance and select a flexible option that allows for changes they can only be changed up to two hours prior to departure, within the two hours they are unchangeable and if you are booked for a high speed train if the train is missed you would need to purchase new tickets. Regional trains do have a 4 hour window of availability to take a later train if the initial departure is missed. Children under 4 are free as long as they are in the lap of an adult for the travel and only require a ticket if they need their own seat. If that is the case child tickets can be purchased online with your order or at the station.