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Asked a question last year

Hi, I'm from Malaysia and will be flying to Italy (Venice and Rome) on May 31st. I received 2 doses of Sinovac in Malaysia (which is not recognised by Italy as it is not EMA approved). However, I received a Pfizer Booster Shot 4 months ago. I checked the QR code of my Pfizer Booster on the VerificaC19 App got a Green Tick — it was valid. My question is: Would this Pfizer Booster be sufficient for me to enter Italy since the App gave me a tick? Or will I have to take a 2nd Pfizer Booster/ Take a COVID test before entering? Thanks so much!

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Hi Wei,

I cannot be certain but if the app says 'cerificazione valida in Italia e Europa' with the green tick it does translate as valid.

I was in Italy last November and never once was asked to show a pass. I am travelling to Italy again next Saturday for a few days and will just have my British NHS app.

Sorry I can't be of any more help.

Have a great time in Italy, eating in Venice can be expensive for touristic below par food, I recommend finding these places here.      They are all good, especially the antiche carampane.   These are not places to get pizza or lasagne, wait till you get to Rome for these! After sightseeing in Rome Trastevere is a lively place to stroll around with plenty of decent restaurants.

 all the best.


Hi Wei En,

My case (3 doses of vaccine) may not apply to you. My COVID-19 digital certificate recognized by EU had been verified while I checked in at a airline counter in Taiwan. My final Italy destination is Torino and had connecting flight in Amsterdam. Nobody asked me to show them with my COVID-19 digital certificate at both airports. For my understanding, 2 doses of vaccine is required to entering EU and Italy. So, avoiding any problems and suggesting you to have 2nd Pfizer vaccine before entering Italy.