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Super Green Pass
Asked a question 2 years ago

Hi! Question from the uk. My 15 year old son is booked on a skiing trip. He tested positive for covid at the end of September just as government rolled out vaccination for teenagers so could not have vaccine. Then had to wait 12 weeks to have first dose on 22 December. Cannot get second dose til mid March due to government rules. If he has covid passport with proof of recovery plus one vaccination can he use ski lifts? Many thanks!

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We have just got back from 2 weeks in Italy.  2 of the children had proof of recovery and 1 jab and only had issues in one restaurant. The lift pass office took the jab and certificate of recovery as proof and ok’d their lift passes. They carried paperwork everywhere as the VerificaC19 app would not show green. 

Yes he can Melanie.  I am in the same situation, as are many others.  HOWEVER, the problem is getting the proof of recovery or proof of first vaccination (both will allow the Super Green Pass that is needed for ski lifts).  The NHS have not been providing proof, and you will not get a Covid Pass until the 2nd vaccination.  At least you have until March - most of us are going in two weeks .... :(