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Asked a question 11 months ago

Hi! We are going to Rome and since my daughter and I have multiple food allergies, we need to stay in a place where there is a kitchenette or kitchen. I am wondering if any of you have a recommendation for a place to stay from which we can visit by foot. Thank you so much

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Ciao Tina and thanks for your question. I don't have any specific recommendations. I know Airbnb51 has many small apartments available. You may also want to try looking at Cross Pollinate55 or VRBO49. I'll pin your question to the front page of the community to see if anyone has anything specific to add or offer. 

I hope you enjoy your stay in Rome, and thanks for being part of our community!

only to add to Shelley's commentary ... you might consider expanding the search geography such that you could use the Metropolitana for purpose of arriving to key center city locations.

It's not a big subway system ( but locations near stops might open up housing opportunities while not interfering too much with your idea of "on foot". I've stayed at hotels literally next to major attractions (Trevi, Sp. Steps, Pantheon), but never in a room with kitchenette.  Sorry, can't give a specific recommendation, time for a little homework on the usual websites. 

Enjoy Rome!  No limit to the attractions!  Consider if there is sufficient value in a couple guided events - maximize your experience in the limited time available.