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I vaccinated with Johnson 9 months ago. Yesterday I vaccinated myself with a Moderna booster. Unfortunately, the system treats this vaccination as the 2nd dose and a covid certificate will be issued in 2 weeks. I'm leaving for Italy in a few days. Will I get a Super Green Pass in this case. I have a booster confirmation. Is this confirmation enough?

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Ciao Szanecka and welcome to our community. If the booster confirmation you have includes the information required by the Italian government, and you're coming from a country whose certificates are recognized by Italy, then the paper vaccination certificate should be equivalent in Italy to the digital certificate with a QR code (for those with an EU Digital Covid Certificate). 

The Italian health ministry21 specifies the following needs to be on a vaccination certificate issued by the competent authorities:

  • full name and birthdate;
  • trade name of vaccine administered;
  • date vaccine was administered;
  • identification information for authority issuing certificate (State, health authority).

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