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Trip Planning
Asked a question 2 years ago

If you had to give just one piece of advice to someone planning a trip to Italy, what's the most essential thing you would tell them?

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CEO - ItaliaPass Team

If you are considering renting a car to travel between the main cities (Rome, Florence, Naples, Venice, Milan, etc.) don't do it - take the train!

It is way more relaxing, faster and likely less expensive - gas, toll roads and parking are all very expensive in Italy.

Renting a car is  great for exploring out of the way places but in doing so it is recommended to rent for a day or two from a main city; for example, Florence or Siena in order to visit the amazing towns of Tuscany.

Full disclosure - I am the CEO of ItaliaRail but even if I wasn't this would be my advice!!

Heather HurdFounding Member
Senior Editorial Director, Wanderer at Heart

Relax and don't overplan. Italy happens on Italy terms, on Italy time. Be prepared to just go with the flow - that's half the magic of the place.