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Asked a question 8 months ago

In the evolving situation of Italian tourism and covid restrictions, I'm curious anyone's experience traveling with only the USA CDC vaccination card (vaccinations and boosters). The concern is acceptability of the CDC white card without a QR Code (or an official "super green card") in smaller towns where tourism is much less. Second question ... how strict is compliance now?

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I just spent the week in Rome and with my CDC card showing to vaccinations and a booster, had trouble at only one tourist place, a fairly small museum. No trouble at all at restaurants, etc, I think we were asked for proof of vaccinations maybe twice while eating out.  Mike April 2, 2022

Hi, I just got back from Italy, Switzerland & Santorini. None of those places (anywhere) gave me hard time at all. I traveled from the States using my CDC card. On my way no where asked me for the Covid test result, on my way back in Rome,Italy & in Madrid, Spain they did asked me for the result but b/c of my destination going back. They do ask for the PLF document both ways & you can have it on your phone no need to print it out. Have that ready w/ your passport & CDC card. Check where your live for your restrictions going back b/c in Italy they will go by it. The experience was incredible! Do not complicate your life before you arrive there b/c they are going very easy on this. If you are going to eat in a restaurant they will ask you for the CDC card but if you are just going to the bathroom or buying & leaving they don't ask (in my experience). About the mask you must need to wear the FFP2 mask to go on the trains. If you have another type they will not allow you to go on the train, they will make you buy them. Now, you must need to have all 3 vaccines. Same at the Vatican museum. It was a great experience when I got there. So enjoy it!

Thanks, Mike ... good to know that even in a big city there remains some confusion.  I guess as long as the CDC card is pretty recognized, we should be ok in big locations.  I'm still a bit concerned about "off the path" places, but with the situation changing every month, hopefully this will all be less important by the time we get there.