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Train Timetables
Asked a question 21 days ago

Looking to book a morning train from Paris Lyon to Milan Centrale on April 21, 2023. There are no morning trains posted from Monday, April 17 to Friday, April 21. There are morning trains listed both before April 17 and after April 21. Why is there a gap in scheduling?

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to answer your question the trainline does not release all schedules at the same time. So it is possible to see some routes and not others. The trainline usually releases schedules 60-120 days prior to departure. The closer to the date of travel the more schedules you will begin to see. There will be much more by February into March of 2023. 

Hello John and welcome to our community! I don't know why that particular week is showing no morning trains available, so I'm going to refer your question to my colleagues on the @Traveler Experience Team9 to help you. It seems unlikely to me that all the morning trains in that particular week are already full, especially given the long advance time. My colleague will reply to you directly here in the community.

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