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Asked a question 2 years ago

Please can you help ? We booked to go Italy skiing in Feb with our 2 sons, one 14 & one 18, my 18yr old and us are all double jabbed , however my 14yr old only Recently had his first jab and has to wait 12 weeks for his second dose, as per uk government guidelines! When we booked the green pass was in place and I was happy to lateral flow test him every 48hrs, however due to this recent change this is now not possible! I’ve phoned our travel agent and they are refusing to refund us any money when I tried to cancel - I’ve been reading up loads of info and am so confused as can’t seem to find the right answer, it’s such a worry and so much money to lose. I saw this on on an Italian travellers website and wondering what the wording ‘eligible’ means - my son isn’t eligible for his 2nd dose yet , so does that mean he would be able to access the ski lifts etc ‘ The letter version of the NHS pass for 12 to 15-year-olds will be accepted. However, while Italy will accept a single dose for teenagers who are not yet eligible for their second, the NHS Covid pass will not be issued to this cohort until the second dose has been administered. Proof of recovery is also not listed on the NHS Covid pass letter for 12-15 year-olds.

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Ciao @Nicola Mathias 46 and welcome to our community.

In terms of your question about "eligible" — I think what they mean there is that they aren't eligible because they're in the mandatory waiting period between dose one and dose two. In fact, in Italy the vaccination certificate (and thus the super green pass) becomes valid on the 15th day after the first dose, but is only valid until the date of the second dose, in order to provide coverage during this "bridge" period between the first and second dose. However, it's different in different EU countries. Some don't activate validity for the EU Digital Covid Certificate until both doses are completed, and sometimes the wait period is 14 days following the second dose, not the first as in Italy.

Have you been following the similar discussions taking place in our UK Travellers group92? I'm going to add you there; have a look at the threads and feel free to interact with others in that group who have a lot of combined knowledge after weeks of trying to sort out these confusing regulations. Also, have a look at this post: Everything we know about a super green pass for minors with one vaccination dose137.