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Asked a question 11 months ago

We are traveling to Italy mid-June. I wanted to use the trains to travel between Florence, Rome, and Salerno. We are fully vaccinated and have had the booster. We plan to spend three days in each place. Will we be required to do a Covid Test between each leg? Can US residents get a green pass?

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Hello John and welcome to our community! The green pass will no longer be required as of May 1. No Covid testing will be required to travel by train.

Have a wonderful trip and let us know if you need any help planning your itinerary or booking your train tickets or tours!

Hi guys. I am here now and plan almost the same trip. Rome to Florence and then to Sorrento, all by train. Right now as long as you are in the country and have a vivid card, you are good to go. We have been here a week and only had to show the card in Boston. We flew Aer Lingus and used VeriFLY. The girl scanned our phone and that was it. 
mask are still required on all plane, trains and taxi’. we use Eurasia pass and have unlimited train travel for any 8 days within one month.

I hope this helped.

We just took the high speed from Florence to Rome 2 weeks ago. Your US vax card  is all u need to show.  They reduced the need for green passes in restaurants and other places April 1, but we were still asked for that on tours. We just keep certs with us all the time. When they ask for green pass you just show US cards. FYI we upgraded to first class because it was so cheap- and we were the only people in there..prob will not be that lucky this summer though.


I just got home from two weeks in Sicily last night and I used the trains throughout my trip.  The Italian authorities were spot checking documents to make sure people were vacinated and were wearing N95 type masks.  The blue paper surgical masks are no longer allowed. Your Covid Vaccination card and a photo ID is your Green Pass. You will need to have had the 2 shots (if Pizer or Moderna, 1 +1 if J & J) and a booster to be legal. A  new Covid test is NOT required to travel between cities in Italy.