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Shelley RuelleGuide
ItaliaPass Team
Asked a question 16 days ago

What are you most looking forward to on your trip to Italy?

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I want to sit in the sunshine and feast my eyes on that turquoise waters of the Amalfi coast,  The beauty of positano. For the last 10 yrs we have traveled  extensively around the world..after we both were fully vaccinated, we cautiously ventured out to the Caribbean islands and some beach towns...we just got our Moderna 3rd booster vaccine as well...we still wear masks when we leave the house. 

The information you gave about the trains  was great...that is exactly what my research had shown. Thank you so very much.  I will definitely try to buy the tickets ahead of time and give us plenty of time in between the trains.  We are much obliged!!

Anjum and Ashby Smith


I’m looking forward to go back to Rome, visit the Colosseum and the Vatican with my kids. I’m also looking forward to taste Italian pastas a real gelato and a great espresso with the crema di caffè on top… mmmmmm!

Just being able to visit again after 18 months!

First time to Florence and really excited…

Heather Hurd
Editorial Director, Wanderer at Heart

Rest and relaxation. The Mediterranean pace of life is unmatched. 

Rick Zullo
Italy Blogger and Former Expat in Rome

The one place in Italy on my "list" that I have not yet visited is Puglia. Any suggestions are welcomed! Hope to get there in 2022.