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Asked a question 4 days ago

What happens if we get infected with COVID-19 while travelling in Italy? What is the procedure? Do we need to be quarantined? Where? For how long? Thanks!

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Heather HurdFounding Member
Senior Editorial Director, Wanderer at Heart

According to the Italian Ministry of Health6:

People who have tested positive in the diagnostic test (molecular or antigenic) for SARS-CoV-2 must immediately self-isolate in your accommodation and call your regional hotline5 as set out above.

You may be able to remain in your existing accommodation for self-isolation, or be required to transfer into a state hospital or other government-provided accommodation. You may be required to fund accommodation.

  • At least ten days of isolation from the first positive swab of which the last three without symptoms (excluding loss of taste and smell).
  • The days of isolation areย reduced to seven days for those who have received theย  booster dose and for those who have completed the vaccination course less than 120 days ago.
  • You can only get out of isolation after a negative test. If you are still positive in the molecular or antigen test and you have not had symptoms for at least 7 days (excluding loss of taste or smell) you can stop the isolation at the end of 21 days .