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only to add to Shelley's commentary ... you might consider expanding the search geography such that you could use the Metropolitana for purpose of arriving to key center city locations.

It's not a big subway system ( but locations near... (More)

Ciao Tina and thanks for your question. I don't have any specific recommendations. I know Airbnb42 has many small apartments available. You may also want to try looking at Cross Pollinate47 or VRBO42. I'll pin your question to the... (More)

We recommend the Hotel Varese, near Roma Termini. Quiet hotel moderately priced, has air conditioning in rooms, fully staffed front desk, and breakfast is included.

Hello Elizabeth and welcome to our community! When I used to work near the Pantheon, when we had visitors and guests we would often use the Albergo del Sole132 nearby to host them. That's a four-star hotel, however, so it... (More)