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Hello Nadia,

I have heard it is a nice route to travel. The trainline does not release all schedules at the same time. Usually they are released 60-120 days prior to departure. As in the post that Shelley placed you... (More)

Hello Nadia and welcome to our community!

When you search the Florence-to-Paris route on ItaliaRail, if the timetable is currently unavailable for your date, you'll see a "coming soon" screen where you can enter your email to receive a notification... (More)

Were you able to open the Termini lounge? That was a big reason I signed up again for the Italia pass.
Rick ZulloFounding Member
Italy Blogger and Former Expat in Rome
Ciao a tutti! I'm happy to have found this fun platform to share our love of all things Italy! A presto!