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How to Get Tickets to Christmas Eve Mass at St. Peter's

If you're traveling to Rome during the holidays, you have a unique opportunity to visit the Vatican at Christmas. If you want to attend Christmas Eve Mass at St. Peter's Basilica, you have to request tickets in advance.... (More)

Does anyone know of any restaurants open in Florence on Christmas Day? We will be there with our kids (ages 10 & 13) and staying in the Piazza di Santa Croce area.

Christmas Nativity Street in Naples - Via San Gregorio Armeno

Did you know that Naples is known for its tradition of the presepe? That's Italian for nativity scene, known by the French word crèche, and it is more common than a Christmas tree in many Italian homes.

Many... (More)

🎄 Let's drum up some holiday spirit! 🎄

If you have any holiday photos or videos from your travels in Italy now or in the past, please share them here! And if you haven't visited Italy during the holiday season, share some photos of places you would absolutely... (More)