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Follow to keep updated on current Covid travel restrictions in Italy. You can also check our dedicated website, Italy Green Pass, for more information.

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Under Italy's current green pass regulations, that's correct. As of February 1, if the most recent dose was administered more than six months ago and the country the person is coming from doesn't provide access to another dose after six... (More)

Travel to Italy: What You Need to Know Now

from our website Italy Green Pass

Updated December 23, 2021

Planning travel to Italy right now can feel overwhelming because although tourism is permitted from specific countries, there are several requirements, including the Italy Green Pass, that travelers must observe.... (More)

Heather HurdFounding Member
Editorial Director, Wanderer at Heart
Looks like the Italian government has fixed the price for FFP2 masks, so be on the lookout:

🚨 Updated information for non-EU certificates valid for super green pass

The Italian government has updated its FAQ page for the green pass/super green pass (certificato verde) and now answers a question specifically about what non-EU vaccination and recovery certificates are considered super green pass equivalents in Italy.

It... (More)