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How do I unlock members-only discounts on Italia-brand products and services?

Now that you're a member of the ItaliaPass community, you can earn discounts on Italia websites for products and services such as train tickets at ItaliaRail, tours and activities at ItaliaTours, car rentals at ItaliaDrive, and hotels at... (More)

Hi Peter! Thanks for reaching out—this is exactly the type of thing we created this community for.

So, in addition to what Erin mentioned, I wanted to reassure you with some other information that may help. I've had to change... (More)

Hello Peter!

Thank you for your question, I would recommend that you reach out to the ItaliaRail customer service team as they will be able to look into your order and assist you from there. You can email customer service... (More)

What's the difference between a topic and a group?


  • Topics are like hashtags. When you write a post or question, use the "+" icon to the left of the Post/Ask button to add a topic (tag) so it can be categorized with other similar posts.
  • Add as many... (More)