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🇮🇹 It's Venice Week! 🍝 Friday Foodie Challenge 🍝

Can you believe it's already Friday? Our cruise through the canals is almost over for this week, but we haven't even talked about food yet!

Return travelers: Let's talk about food in Venice! Favorite restaurants, delicious local specialties, how to... (More)

Stanley Tucci launched a challenge on his Instagram account: any guesses? Just yesterday he dropped
another clue: "Risotto, Pasta, Wild Boar, Truffles, Barolo…." (Although "pasta" doesn't arguably narrow it down that much! 😂)
Homemade pasta lovers, do you know what sfogline are? (Hint: it's not a type of pasta!)
Head over to Italy Magazine to discover the secret behind Bologna's ancient pasta-making tradition.