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The place for foodies, always on the lookout for great new restaurants and street food.

Ask questions about food in Italy and share all your Italian foodie knowledge, such as:

  • must-try local and regional specialty foods
  • how to steer clear of tourist trap restaurants and places to avoid
  • tips and advice for navigating special dietary needs in Italy
  • photos and stories of your Italy food experiences!
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🇮🇹 It's Rome Week! 🍝 Friday Foodie Challenge 🍝

Ciao ItaliaPass insiders! Time flies when you're having fun, and we're already coming to the end of Rome week. For today's roundup, we're talking Roman food. Are you up to the challenge?

Return travelers: We're looking for everything about food... (More)

Stanley Tucci launched a challenge on his Instagram account: any guesses? Just yesterday he dropped
another clue: "Risotto, Pasta, Wild Boar, Truffles, Barolo…." (Although "pasta" doesn't arguably narrow it down that much! 😂)
When in Florence, you must try the Florentine Steak. There are many types of beef to choose from like The bistecca alla fiorentina and Chiannia breed. This was Chiannia and melted in your mouth.

Rome Featured on The Nomadic Foodist Show

Ciao ItaliaPass community! Chris of The Nomadic Foodist interviewed me about Rome, and I'm really excited to share our chat with you here.

Chris did a fantastic job of summarizing our chat in his post as well, where you'll... (More)