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Hi Wei En,

My case (3 doses of vaccine) may not apply to you. My COVID-19 digital certificate recognized by EU had been verified while I checked in at a airline counter in Taiwan. My final Italy destination is Torino... (More)

Ciao Maura!

I hope you're looking forward to your trip coming up so soon. For entrance into Italy, you will need to show your CDC vaccination card.

Also, be sure to pack some FFP2 or KN95 masks which are required... (More)

Hi @Hannah9 , thanks for your question. You would need to bring proof of vaccination, however, Sinopharm is not a recognized vaccination in Italy. I believe your best option is to get a negative COVID-19 antigen test (48 hours before... (More)

Hello Ricardo and welcome to our community. For entry purposes, the initial vaccination cycle is valid for 270 days from the date of the second dose (or the date of the completion of the initial vaccination cycle in the case... (More)