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I ❤️ Lunedì
I ❤️ Lunedì

Who says Mondays have to be a drag? Not here at ItaliaPass! Every Monday, we celebrate our community's successes from the past week. And, as often as possible we also post a genuine Italian "buongiorno" from a different coffee bar somewhere in the country, so you can start your week off right, with a greeting as bright as the Mediterranean sun.☀️ 

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Buongiorno ItaliaPass! October 11, 2021

Buon lunedì! Here in Rome today it's rainy and gray — autumn has most definitely arrived!

Here's what happened in our community last week:

Buongiorno ItaliaPass! October 5, 2021

Ciao a tutti! I'm a bit under the weather with a typical fall cold, so no video greeting this week. However, I still want to take a moment to celebrate our successes and news from last week here in the... (More)

Our very first "Buongiorno ItaliaPass" comes from Silvia, the barista at Caffè del Doge ("The Coffee of Venice") coffee roasters in enchanting Venezia! Grazie Silvia! When you're in Venice, definitely stop in at the shop and bar on Calle dei... (More)
This week's "Buongiorno ItaliaPass" comes from Caterina at Eros Gelateria in Rome. Grazie, Caterina! Who doesn't love an authentic Italian gelato? This place is incredible! They also make amazing cakes and other frozen treats.