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Italy Travel Updates
Italy Travel Updates

This is the place for staying up-to-date on current travel conditions and restrictions within Italy.

Follow this topic to get notifications when we post announcements and updates regarding the current situation for travelers in Italy, including:

  • national transport strikes
  • health restrictions
  • weather alerts
  • closures
  • current in-country conditions that could affect your travel


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Travel to Italy: What You Need to Know Now

Planning travel to Italy right now can feel overwhelming because although tourism is permitted from specific countries, there are several requirements that travelers must observe.

Here at ItaliaPass, we’ve gathered information for you on the questions our community members are... (More)

Hi Carole. This is a really important question and I know you aren't the only one who is thinking of this, so it's great that you posted it here.

Having arguably been the hardest-hit European country at the start of... (More)

We've created a website all about current Italy travel restrictions and requirements, Italy Green Pass, where we've gathered information from official sources and sorted it all out, so you can cut through the confusion. Check it out!
CEO - ItaliaPass Team

Hi Carole - thank you for your question.

Italy currently has almost 65% of their population double vaccinated compared to 55% in the USA.

Traveling anywhere with younger children is an understandable concern given that they are not yet eligible... (More)