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Train Travel
Train Travel

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Ciao @Toni Howard3 I agree with Robert's answer!

Best way from Rome to Bari is by train and a private transfer from Bari to the Amalfi coast.

We can definitely help you arrange group rates for the train as well... (More)

Roma to Bari the train is the best, about 5 hours. Go, business class, Very lovely.
Bari to Amalfi is not going to work.
You go Bari to Naples and stay in this hotel for the night Starhotels Terminus 5... (More)


after checking on our site it looks like that is not a route that is currently available, you can enter your email address in the site and you will be notified of when the route is available for booking.... (More)

You need two trains. FCO to Roma. Take the express. Then Civitavecchia runs every hour. Easy walk to hotels. Not the ship you will need a taxi