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Train Timetables
Train Timetables

Click "follow" to receive a notification every time the Italian railway releases its new train timetables. The railway releases schedules in different blocks, generally spanning three to six months of travel, and the schedules vary between Intercity and high-speed trains and between different cities.

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Hi Andrew and thanks for your question! No, the "coming soon" isn't correct for your specific route, because trains to France aren't bookable on ItaliaRail12 or the national Italian railway Trenitalia.

For your specific itinerary, you can book from La... (More)

That seems odd. Fares usually post 60 days in advance. ย Try Rome2Rio and Omio to see if they have the same issue. Good luck. Peace. JES Oops! Forgot about Nice being in France. Follow advice in other post!

Hi Jim. Here's the page13 from the Marco Polo Venice airport website that details the public transport options for how to get to the train station. Here is some information from that page:

At the Airport: bus stop, second lane... (More)

I'm waiting for it, too. I expect it will be out approximately 60 days before travel. Remember for that train, which is an Intercity train, there is no food service on the train, You need to stock up before you... (More)