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You can by tickets in bulk wherever you are, each area May have different ones so don’t buy too many! You buy them in tobacconistS, magazine booths and many supermarkets. you can even use them on the local trains. Be... (More)

Ciao @Rina Tatto6 thank you for your question, and welcome to the community!

Typically from the time you land through customs and baggage collection, we recommend allowing 1.5 hours to reach the train. Considering your plane lands at 11:55 am,... (More)


Thank you for reaching out on Italiapass!

We recommend leaving at least 1.5 hrs after landing to go through customs, collect luggage, etc. before boarding a train. If you are looking to travel from FCO airport to Rome, you... (More)

Yup, what Mike says ... plus ... our group of 6 hired a car service from Roma Termini to Civitavecchia.  Much more convenient with luggage accommodated.