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Hello Miles and welcome to our community! Once you have your booster jab, your vaccination certificate will have unlimited validity according to Italian rules. The vaccination certificate is all you need for entry to Italy according to current regulations on... (More)

Hello Mariy and welcome to our community. You should be able to get an NHS Covid Pass for recovery, which you can use here in Italy as a super green pass.
Here is the information on the NHS website13:... (More)

Hello Molly and welcome to our community. My understanding is that the UK is not currently requiring13 Covid tests for entry.

If you haven't had a booster dose and your initial vaccination cycle was completed more than six months ago,... (More)

Things may Change, but last week one of our group was refused entry to the hotel because her second vax was more than 6 months old and she had not had a booster. We also experienced quite rigorous random police... (More)