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Winter Travel
Winter Travel

For everyone traveling to Italy in December, January or February.

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🇮🇹 ItaliaPass Insider - March 3, 2022

Buongiorno, ItaliaPass insiders! Here is our weekly recap of the latest and greatest of what’s happening in our community of Italy travelers. Ready? Andiamo! (Let’s go!)

The big picture:

March 1 marked a big change in entry requirements, in that... (More)

Hi all. Sorry I haven't posted since returning from skiing Sestriere. My feet haven't touched the ground! Also I didn't look at the my emails while there. We didn't need the Super Green pass & god knows how you get... (More)

Hi Tristan. I don't have any personal experience with transfers on this route, but for a group of 20 you'll probably want a private car service (NCC) booked in advance. Here are a couple I found through an online search:... (More)

Ciao @Paweł Borucki26 and welcome to our community. I can understand your confusion; things are changing rapidly based on rising infection rates and it can be hard to understand all the different requirements.

If your daughter can't get a booster... (More)