Ciao! My name is Shelley and I live in Rome. I moved here in December 2001 after a one-month whirlwind stay in June 2001, in which I traveled to the Eternal City all by myself on a shoestring budget on my very first trip outside of North America. I remember thinking that lira seemed like Monopoly money!

Now I'm a member of the ItaliaPass team and I'm here to help you navigate planning your most amazing trip to Italy ever. I've visited most of Italy over the past 20 years, including the islands of Ischia, Capri, Ventotene, Sardinia, and Sicily, and I speak fluent Italian.

Lots still on my bucket list, however, including Procida (Italian Capital of Culture 2022!), the Franciacorta Wine Route, Bolzano at Christmas, the underwater archaeological park in Baia, the Egyptian Museum in Turin... just to name a few. As I'm sure you already know, exploring Italy is an endless quest that always brings new surprises.

I'm really looking forward to building the largest community for past, present and future travelers to Italy and know that by sharing our knowledge and experience here, we can all benefit! A presto! (see you soon!)