Local Expert Chat with Amanda Forman on our ItaliaPass YouTube channel

Ciao ItaliaPass community! We now have an ItaliaPass YouTube channel, and I'm excited to introduce our first video, a Local Expert Chat with @Amanda K. Forman, our resident expert for the region of Umbria. She talks about a project called Umbria in a Box — "foods with a story" — that came from a collaboration between her EVOO company, Olivando, and Susan Guerra, owner of the top local (Perugia) food and wine tour company, Via del Vino.

In our chat, we talk about traditional Umbrian foods — such as fermented black garlic pasta made with an ancient grain, lentils from Castelluccio, and chocolate from Perugia — as well as trip planning to this gorgeous region, which is still largely undiscovered by mass tourism. 

Do you know the answers to these questions?

  • What does the color of olive oil mean in terms of quality?
  • Why does an olive oil with a blend of different olives makes sense for a farmer/producer?
  • What do some less scrupulous producers add to truffle sauce?
  • What local Umbrian product almost went extinct around the 1950s?

You will after you listen to our chat! Click here to watch the full video.