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Asked a question 11 months ago

Hi am traveling fr Rome Termini to Venice I am 65 years and my wide is 63 years do we get discounted ticket fares

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Hello Ralph and welcome to our community!

As an ItaliaPass member you can take advantage of a one-time $10 discount on a high-speed rail ticket order at ItaliaRail36. Although the website isn't currently set up to do this automatically, you can contact our customer service team at info@italiarail.com64 or by phone at 1 (877) 375-7245 to request this discount and book your tickets directly. 

Keep in mind that tickets are bookable a maximum of six months in advance, as that's how often the railway releases its timetables. So if you plan to travel next summer, the timetables you need may not be available just yet. You can receive notifications when the railway releases new timetables by going to our Train Timetables page30 and clicking the blue "Follow" button.

I'm also going to tag our ItaliaRail CEO @Mike28  because in the past he has offered to assist other members who were inquiring about potential senior discounts. You can view those similar questions here32 and here36. If he has any additional information regarding senior discounts, he'll respond to you on this.

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