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Asked a question last year

I’m going on my honeymoon to the Amalfi Coast & Rome in August. We have already booked the places we will be staying as well as paid for any tours we will be taking while there. I plan on exchanging some currency before I leave for spending money. For two people for 12 days, how much spending money total would you recommend I bring (for food, tip for tours, any other entertainment we decide to do while there)? We also already booked the private drivers we will be using from point A to point B.

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August is the top of High Season in Italy, so it is good you have booked things in advance.  More than likely you will have breakfast with your hotel so a mid day meal and dinner is what you need to plan for as well as drinks and tips for tour guides.   I generally plan on 10-15 Euros for a mid-day meal and 30-40 euros for a dinner.   Drinks will average 1.5 Euros for a bottle of water in tourist areas (cheaper to find a grocery store and buy several at a time to keep in your hotel room) to 6-10 Euros for a Aperal Spritz or a glass of good local wine and 3-6 Euros for a beer (small to large).  Tip amounts of course are always based on the quality of the tour, but generally 2-3 Euros for a half day tour and 5-10 for a full day.  Bottom line is that I plan on 100 Euros per day and I travel solo, so you would need to double this figure.  It is always better to have more than you actually need rather than wasting time trying to find an ATM or Bank.