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Asked a question 2 years ago

Im interested in traveling to Italy at the end of April using a certificate of recovery from Covid. I'm having a hard time finding out exactly how to get the certificate and what info needs to be on it for it to be excepted in Italy. Has anyone ever actually gotten one or used one? Thank you :)

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Hello Lonielle and welcome to our community. I'm assuming you're coming from a country that doesn't use the EU Digital Covid Certificate program50? (Because the recovery certificate is uploaded with a QR code in that system.) The US and Canada, for example, aren't part of that program. Some non-EU countries are, however—you can see that list here.39

A foreign recovery certificate considered valid as a super green pass in Italy must show full name, birthdate, proof of positive Covid test with date of first positive result, and identification information of government or state health authority issuing certificate. The health ministry has specified that foreign recovery certificates must be accompanied by a sworn translation55. Several travelers in the community have said they were never asked to show the translation, however. 

I'll pin your question to the top of our page to see if any members who have been in the same situation have on-the-ground experience to offer.