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Asked a question last year

My wife and I are planning a trip that to Italy in April 2023, beginning in Rome (Trastevere, 4 days); then to Venice by train (4 days); train to Florence (4 days); and then to Naples/Amalfi Coast (4 days). On April 30 we fly from Naples to Istanbul. Will a rail pass be helpful? In each center we plan to stay in a vrbo.

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Thank you for reaching out on Italiapass! A railpass is only worth your money if you are planning to do more than 4-5 days of travelling in Italy. From your itinerary, it looks like you are travelling between popular destinations such as Rome, Venice, Florence, and Naples. Journeys between these cities take place on high speed trains. When you have a railpass, you will have to pay an additional seat reservation fee to travel on high speed trains. From a cost perspective, it may be wiser to purchase point-to-point tickets for each of your trips around Italy. 

You can always do a cost comparison by adding your journeys to the cart on italiarail.com39 and comparing to the cost of a eurail pass for the number of days you are travelling. 

If you have any further questions, you can always reach out directly at info@italiarail.com67 or 1 877 375 7245.