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Asked a question last year

Question - we are both over 60, we are planning to spend 3-4 weeks in Italy next year about a week (or maybe 4/5 days) in each place or close. Places we are considering Lucca, Torino, Bologna, Venice & prob Rome - how can I plan this with train travel? is a pass better value? We have been to Italy many times. thank you in advance

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Hi Patrice,

Thank you so much for reaching out on Italiapass! This sounds like a lovely itinerary. Based on proximity to one another, the best order to visit these destinations would be as follows: Turin, Lucca, Bologna, Venice, then Rome. You can book rail tickets for each of these trips individually on Italiarail.com28. By booking tickets individually, you have the benefit of being able to choose your desired class of service and departure time/date down to the hour for each train trip. A pass may also be beneficial if you know you will be travelling for a fixed number of days throughout the country. However, passes don't allow for as much flexibility with classes of service. At the moment, italiarail is not offering railpasses. These can be purchased on eurail.com31

At the moment, the train schedules have not yet been released for next year. I would recommend looking the current schedules to assist in planning. I am not sure when specifically you are planning to travel, but train schedules are typically guaranteed 60-90 days before the travel date.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your travel planning and booking, do not hesitate to reach out to us directly at 1 877 375 7245 or info@italiarail.com89.


Hello Patrice and thanks for your question! I've tagged our Traveler Experience Team to help you out with this. One of our team members can help you plan your rail itinerary at no additional cost and you can book your tickets directly with us at ItaliaRail29. One of our agents will respond to you directly here in the community so you can get in touch about planning your itinerary.