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Asked a question 2 months ago

We land in Rome Fiumicino at around 16:25 on 31st October and I over-optimistically (or was it the red wine?) booked a couple of tickets on the frecciarossa to Florence leaving at 18:10 from Roma Termini......doh! Thinking about it in the cold hard light of day, getting off the plane, getting through the airport checks, collecting hold luggage and boarding the Leonardo Express to get to Termini in just under two hours is silly. Is there any way I can rebook the tickets to a later time, or have I just lost $153 due to my own stupidity?

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Hello Peter!  

Thank you for your question, I would recommend that you reach out to the ItaliaRail customer service team as they will be able to look into your order and assist you from there. You can email customer service at info@italiarail.com10, or you can reach them by phone from 9-5 EST Monday through Friday at 1(877) 375-7245. Best of luck with changing your tickets!

Hi Peter! Thanks for reaching out—this is exactly the type of thing we created this community for.

So, in addition to what Erin mentioned, I wanted to reassure you with some other information that may help. I've had to change train tickets in the past many times, and generally speaking this isn't an issue. Everything depends on the type of fare. Really the only fare that doesn't allow any changes is Super Economy. 
I'm not sure where you purchased your tickets, if it was through ItaliaRail8 or not, but regardless, the Frecciarossa is Trenitalia. (For more information about making changes on tickets purchased through ItaliaRail, click here.40)

Here's a chart from Trenitalia23 that, although in Italian, explains the conditions for changing reservations in a pretty straightforward way.

Base and Economy fare tickets can be changed; Super Economy tickets cannot
Base and Economy fare tickets can be changed; Super Economy tickets cannot

Based on the fare type, there are three things you are allowed to do:

  • Change the reservation/cambio prenotazione (date/time of departure);
  • Change the ticket/cambio biglietto (departure/arrival city; type of ticket; number of passengers, etc.);
  • Request a refund/rimborso if you will no longer take the trip.

Then, within these options, based on the fare there are limitations as follows:

  • Base fare: Unlimited reservation changes and ticket changes permitted before the scheduled departure time, or, even up to one hour after departure time, you're allowed one free change (I used this feature once and it was a life saver, because I had missed my train!); you can request a refund, minus 20%, up to the time of departure.
  • Economy fare: One change allowed to departure date/time with the same train category and service, but you have to upgrade to Base fare and pay the difference between Economy and Base; no refunds allowed.

Regional trains, which include the Leonardo Express from FCO to Termini6, are a bit different. However even in that case, the tickets are still valid for up to four hours after the original departure time on the ticket (or up to midnight on the same day in the case of paper tickets, or four hours after validation of a paper ticket). So even if you miss your train from FCO to Termini, you can take the next one up to four hours after the time on the ticket, since it was purchased online.

Hope this helps! Keep us posted!