๐Ÿšจ National Train Strike Scheduled for Thursday, July 13

A 24-hour nationwide train strike is scheduled for Thursday, July 13. The strike is scheduled to start at 3 am on July 13 and run until 2 am on July 14.

Certain national Trenitalia trains are guaranteed in the event of a strike: View PDF list of national Trenitalia trains guaranteed during strikes.

If you plan to travel a regional route on the strike day, you can consult the list of guaranteed trains at this site by choosing the region of interest from the dropdown menu. Here are some links to popular tourist regions:

If you pre-booked a train with ItaliaRail and you want information on what to do if your train is cancelled due to the strike, visit this page: What do I do if there's a train strike?

Feel free to contact ItaliaRail directly by email (info@italiarail.com) or phone (1-877-375-7245) if you have any questions.